What teachers are saying about Flangoo!

"Thanks to Flangoo, student participation is UP and I'm receiving emails that are asking to read more! Students like hearing a native speaker AND having the ability to control the speed of the narration. They feel in control and are improving their proficiency outside of class."

- Leigh S.

"Absolutely love Flangoo! Engaging leveled stories. The features are fantastic and it's easy to use. I plan to use this product from here on. Super for independent reading."

- Graciela L.

"Leveled readers presented in an easy-to-use format for both teachers and students. Accessibility options for low-vision readers and more. Flangoo is a keeper!"

- Laura B.

"I was looking for something new and fun that could drive more language learning engagement. Flangoo - its library, all the levels, illustrations, videos, and teacher controls - really delivers."

- Karen T.

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